Waterjet cutting

Ship's equipment

Waterjet cutting approach benefits:
  • High quality of cut surface, which in many respects does not require any further processing
  • Cutting line allows any curvature, acute angles, steep rotations, as well as numerous internal outlines
  • Cutting of reinforced and laminated materials
  • Competitive prices including sample and small lot production. Rapid evaluation of order-filling potential and conditions
  • Optimal quality/price factor choice on individual conditions
  • Efficient application of source materials
  • Environmentally appropriate process

  • All metals and alloys. Aluminum, copper and their alloys; stainless, tool and carbon steel
  • Granite, Marble, Artificial stone,Tiles, Reinforced concrete, Linoleum
  • Composites
  • Rubber, Expanded plastics, GFK, Fuzz Composites
  • Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Cellulose
  • Glass, Security glass, Ceramics
  • Leather, Textiles
Areas of application:
  • Automotive industry
  • Electric industry
  • Glass industry
  • Material investigation
  • Plastic industry
  • Stone-cutter
  • Field aviation
SIA "Kugu Inzenieris" provides ship's equipment, everything from a needle to an anchor.

We offer deliveries of original spares for main and auxiliary diesels engines, pumps, separators, boilers, compressors, gears engines, cranes, etc. manufactured in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and etc.

Ship's equipment and spare parts for ship's automatic systems.
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